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Legs and Core

Today is a beautiful day here in Japan which makes me want to get outside and play in the park. But I’ll play safe for now and instead do my legs and core session at the gym while listening to some music.

Here’s a rough overview of what I did today.

Today’s Theme -> Sissy Squat

Prep – warm-up stuff for sissy squat

Practice – 

Working on trying to be able to do the sissy squat with full range of motion without using my hand for assistance.

*session details continue after vid



Leg Focus

  • Weighted walking lunge variations (tons…)
  • Lots of KB swings. Yep, you read that correctly.

Core Focus

  • Hanging Leg Raises (core)
  • Russian twists on floor with 35lb(15kg) plate
  • Floor rolling candlesticks while holding 35lb(15kg) plate with arms straight
  • Hollow body holds

“But did you die?…” Almost. Hahaha.

Song of the day -> Electric Avenue to Hell (feat. Jennifer Hartswick) by Umphrey’s McGee


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