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Who doesn’t love listening to music? What you listen to definitely sets the mood for your workout that day.

Here’s the song of the day for me -> Pali Gap / Hey Baby by Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real

Workout details below.

Today’s Theme -> Planche

Prep – warm-up stuff for planche and pushing

Practice – All different progressions and regressions of the planche using pbars

My son did 10 second hollow body plank holds in between my single planche holds.


  • Planche push-up to extension on pbars – *example vid below from IG
  • Planche push-up to extension on floor
  • Weighted pseudo planche push-ups (leaning forward push-ups)
  • Regular push-ups
  • Tricep push-ups

Finished with 15 minutes of rope skipping. My son joined in with me again today.


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