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Even though I don’t have a 9 to 5 job per say I do try to make sure I keep a schedule and routine.  That means getting up early(ish) to get in my Spanish study before I head to the gym to start work at 9am. Then it’s crazy busy with GMB stuff until I do my training session. Speaking of which, here’s today’s session.

Today’s Theme -> All The Pulls

Prep – warm-up stuff for pulling

Practice – Front and Back Levers

Started with single reps of front lever holds and once I had enough of those did some back levers.


  • One Arm Chins – singles while holding on to exercise band for assistance
  • 75kg single rep chin-up – did as many single reps as I could with break between
  • Wide grip pull-ups – 5 reps x rounds
  • Commando alternating chins with focus on outside arm pull until burned out
  • Ring rows – both hands holding single ring

Finished with 20 minutes of rope skipping. My son joined in with me.


  1. JJ

    Commando 😳? Haha 😂. Hadn’t heard of them before – just looked them up , going to play with them today !!!

    • Ryan Hurst

      Do it! They are tons of fun and one thing I like doing is to bring more focus to the hand closest my head while relaxing grip a little with hand further away. Then change sides each rep. Makes them much harder.

  2. Alastair Joyce

    How long would a workout like this or any of your typical workouts take to complete?

    • Ryan Hurst

      Really depends on skill and the day. In the case of today’s session it was a little longer because I was working both front and back levers and felt like doing more sets of the conditioning stuff. I give myself a long-ish break in between each single attempt, anywhere between 1 to 3 minutes depending on the level of the move. All in all I would say today’s strength portion of the session was 45 or so. Again, it depends and sometimes it could be less or more.

  3. Luke

    You would LOVE the “Dreaming Spanish” YouTube channel! If you check it out let me know 🙂

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