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When Japan Gives You Lemons . . . with Video

I woke up today super excited with big plans to shoot a video showcasing the outdoor circuit that I’ve been doing at Hattori Ryokuchi Park. Instead, I ended up getting kicked out of that outdoor fitness area for “safety reasons.” C’mon Japan, give me some leeway!

But you know what? Shit happens and it’s amazing where you can end up when you just go with the flow and don’t let set-backs bring you down. Appreciate the possibility that things can be even better than you expected when your mind is open to exploration.

That’s what today’s vid is all about.


  1. Jerry G

    I do my hill sprints up the long stairways over here in Harichu park 播磨中央公園, as part of my cardio routine. Doing fast walking and stairway sprints. It sort of turns into an extended HIIT routine.

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