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TRS and Butt Kicking

After my daily overhead shoulder mobility I went through a circuit that one of my coaches had me do. It kicked my butt.

First off, for the past 10 days I’ve been following The Ready State’s 14 day overhead mobility challenge. It’s definitely helped and if you don’t know anything about Kelly and the TRS crew, they are top notch. Check em out here.

I’ve been going through the shoulder mobility in my prep portion of my daily session along with other stuff related to the day’s theme.

After chatting with my good friend and GMB Trainer, JJ from Primal Physical Therapy, she put me through the following circuit to help strengthen my Adductors. Check out this IG post from JJ explaining why you too should be strengthening them.

Therefore, I did the following today and holy moly… it worked me.

45 seconds each move/each side for 3 rounds. Doesn’t sound like a lot but looks can be deceiving. 🙂 Oh, I threw in two extra moves, Pull-Ups and Pseudo-Planche push-ups, for shits and giggles because I’m weird like that.

  • Leg Elevated Elbow Plank Rotations
  • Pull-ups
  • Straight-Arm Overhead Weighted Peacock Squats
  • Pseudo-Planche Push-Ups
  • Parallel Stance Wall Ball Throws (didn’t have wall or ball so used bands)
  • Seiza Jump To Squat

And then did some breath work and stretching afterwards.

Song of the day -> Contando Lunares by Don Patricio, featuring Anitta y Rauw Alejandro

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