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Today Is Your Do-Over

Every day you wake up is your chance at a do-over. Your chance to get off of your ass and live, dammit!

If you’re reading this and feeling down or not motivated, well, here’s your kick in the pants. Decide to take action on a SINGLE THING and write out the necessary steps to make it happen. Then, follow those steps until you reach where you wanna go. It might have one step or thirty. It doesn’t matter! What matters is you following up and taking those steps, one at a time.

Make the most of your time on this earth and be a little bit better every single day for yourself and especially for your family and those who depend on you.

If you are having trouble with not knowing what you want to do with your life and feel like you’re just kind of lost right now check out this book. It will help you get your shit on track and feeling good.

Unbeatable Mind

*BTW, I am in way affiliated or receive anything from Mark. I just love what this book has done for me, and continues to do, and wanted to share.








Quick update about what I did yesterday because it was a lot of fun. Still no BJJ or other martial art for me but I’m kinda missing it right now. So what I did was round of solo spar standing AND on ground along with some specific core work thrown in there. Here’s how it went.

  • 1 minute stand up solo “shadow” spar
  • 1 minute single core exercise (sit thrus, swing sets, hanging leg raise, etc but different each time)
  • 1 minute ground “shadow” spar
  • 1 minute core

For 30 minutes. 🙂

Finished up with by breath work and meditation.

Today was Upper Body focus in the afternoon. Did my meditation and breath work in the AM.

Prepped with some hangs, pull-ups, and push-ups then got to work

  • A1 – Deep HSPU (on pbars) for 6 reps
  • Rest 2 minutes
  • A2 – Assisted one arm chins for 6 reps
  • Rest 2 minute

Repeat for total of 3 rounds

Next up was the following

  • Psuedo Planche Push-ups (lean forward as far as possible) for 6 reps
  • Rest 2 minutes
  • Tucked Front Lever Inverted Rows for 6 reps
  • Rest 2 mins

Repeat for total of 3 rounds

After that I stretched out my shoulders and called it a day.

Song of the day -> Singing From the Windows by Dave Matthews


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