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The Fishbowl

I love my gym because of the sunlight that streams in from the huge window in front. Sometimes tho I really feel like a fish in an aquarium swimming around while the outside world walks on by. 🙂

Today’s Theme -> Bent Arm Press Lower to Hold

Prep – warm-up stuff for Handstand Push-up

Practice –  Today was all about playing with the bent arm press to HS, then bent arm lower into double arm bent arm lever. Or whatever you wanna call it. Woke up today super jazzed to play with this today and spent a GOOD chuck of time doing singles of these.

After that I worked on my Front Lever and Back Lever

Push – For my push today I did my ‘ol trusty gymnastic ring complex that Junior, GMB Lead Trainer and owner of Progression Strength in Brisbane, programmed for me couple years ago. Still kicks my ass, every – single – time. Do the following back to back without stopping and without letting your feet touch the ground.

  • 1 muscle-up to
  • 3 Lsit to Bent Arm Stand repeats to
  • 5 dips then drop below rings (don’t let feet touch) to
  • 3 inverted rows (feet straight up in air) then
  • 5 full range L-sit chin-ups (don’t let feet touch!)

Rest for 3 minutes

Repeat for total of 3 rounds. Feel the pump. 🙂

Song of the Day -> Eres by Cafe Tacvba


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