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The Elevator Squat

Posting tutorials isn’t something that I intend to do much here since you can find all you need over at GMBFitness. However, the Elevator Squat is something that popped back into my head recently and a move that I used to teach a lot in previous years.

The Elevator Squat is great for increasing stability and strength in your hips. It’s a simple squat, but can be quite challenging when performed correctly. Plus, it’s one that you can do anywhere!

  • Place your feet shoulder width apart.
  • Stick your butt out, arms out in front and squat down a little bit.
  • Hold it for about 3 seconds, go down a little bit more and hold it for 3 seconds.
  • Stop at each floor and hold.
  • Eyes are forward, keep your chest up and shoulders pulled down.
  • Go down until you’re almost into the full squat, but don’t relax.
  • At the very bottom, keep the squat activated, enjoy the burn!
  • Then bring it back up holding it for 3 seconds at each position.

Squeeze your butt and don’t let your knees buckle. And remember to smile when you do it! It’ll help release any tension in your neck and shoulders.

Love it or hate it? Let me know how it went in the comments.


  1. Derrick Ibbott

    Hi Ryan,

    Great video as always! Can this be done without warm ups? Say first thing in the morning if I’m tight on time…

    Thank you, currently really enjoying p1.


  2. Hawk

    Ah Ryan, Opened my email right after my workout this morning and was made happy to see the elevator. Old is new again, right? But your cues are spot on and we are training for the long haul these days.
    I followed right along with you in the video forgetting that I had just finished a fair amount of leg and hip work…kind of wished you had stopped talking on the second floor. You did get me to laugh though!
    Great movement…equally great reminder and encouragement to plumb the depths of our bodies. Best Always.

  3. T C

    Hey Ryan
    Great video and instructions! Thanks for sharing this. I supposed if 3 sec gets easier we can always go for 5 sec right? Or any quick suggestion for the next progression?

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