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That Escalated Quickly

Holy Guacamole… today’s session kinda snuck up on me in the end there.

Woke up today excited for today’s Bent Arm/Leg Session and wouldn’t you know, life tried to bite me in the ass with some sort of allergy. Mid-afternoon I was feeling better so I jumped head first into the session. I really pushed myself with each set and things were going OK, until it was time for my leg combo. Just wasn’t enough gas in the tank to give em justice so I decided to hold off on the leg combo and move right into my core and breath work. I’ve decided to do the leg combo tomorrow after working on my floor surfing combo.

I’m actually glad this happened today because I’d rather get these things sorted now at the very beginning of the phase instead of trying to push through and end up regretting it down the road. After all, while I do push myself pretty hard, the real point of this for me is to enjoy and being able to continue doing this. I don’t want to get back into old habits of doing too much too often like I used to.

Here’s bird’s eye view of today’s session minus prep work.

A Group – HSPU + OAC (90 sec rest between A1 and A2 total of 3 rounds)

  • A1 – HSPU on Pbars 6 reps (cluster reps when couldn’t get the last few)
  • A2 – OAC – These were all cluster reps of jump to single arm negative 6 reps each arm

B Group – Planche PU + FL Rows (90 sec rest between B1 and B2 total of 3 rounds)

  • B1 – Planche Push-ups – Same as above with cluster reps for 6 reps
  • B2 – Tucked front lever rows – 6 reps

C – Rings Complex for 1 round as finisher for upper body

D- Was supposed to me Leg Combo of Front Scale to Pistol to Back Scale to Shrimp Squat to Dragon Squat for 6 reps. Yeah, that shit wasn’t happening today.

E. Core and Breath work.

F. Stretches

Song of the day -> Blue Monday from Atomic Blonde Soundtrack

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