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Surprise Guest

Today I had a surprise guest show up at my gym for a workout today; my wife! Honestly, she hardly ever comes to the gym and when she does, it sure ain’t for a workout. So it really made my day when I saw her.

I was actually a bit nervous because she’s a bit of a clean freak so I hurriedly tried to tidy up about the place. I’m sure she’s going to say something when I get home about not keeping my office spotlessly clean. Seeing how I’m the only person usually there…nah, I won’t get into that argument cause I always lose. 🙂

Shion also showed up and here’s what the three of us did together.

4 rounds of 5 moves for 45 seconds each. I did some variations of the moves during the 2nd and 4th round.


  • Bear
  • Monkey
  • Reverse Row
  • Frogger
  • Crab

Here are the variations:

  • Spiderman
  • Peacock Squat
  • Commando Chin-ups
  • Sumo Walk
  • Swing Set

Afterwards he did some breathing stuff and had a challenge of who could hold their breath the longest.

Song of the day -> BTS + Maroon 5 Mashup by Pomplamoose feat. David Choi

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