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Still At It

Took a step away from posting here for a week but I’ve still been doing my move thang.

I’ve really enjoyed revisiting these skills and still having fun with them. Here’s a run-done of today’s session with a vid inspired from Daniel Vadnal of FitnessFaqs for the 90˚ push-up.

Full Body Session

A1 – Planche Hold 15 secs – 90 sec rest

A2 – Front Lever Hold 15 secs – 90 sec rest

Repeat for total of 5 rounds

B1 – 90˚ Push-up for 6 reps (cluster reps) – 90 sec rest

B2 – L-sit Archer Chin-Ups for 6 reps each arm (cluster reps) – 90 sec rest

Repeat for 3 rounds

C1 – Natural Leg Extensions for 8 reps immediately to

C2 – Nordic Curls for 8 reps

90 second rest after C2. Total of 3 rounds.

D – Stretch

E – Finish with breath work (5-5-5-5 for 15 mins plus vacuums and breath holds)

Song of the day -> Ace of Spades by Motörhead


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