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Split Sissy Squat

Used this variation of the sissy squat today in my session. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

Didn’t post yesterday but I did sprint intervals. Yeah, they were as fun as they sound.

Today’s Theme – Lower Body Stuff

Did a pretty thorough warm-up today on Ze Legs and hip flexors since legs were little sore from yesterday’s sprint fun.

First focused on the Split Sissy Squat, vid that I posted above doing singles for 10 times with about 1 minute break between. Then I moved on to standard sissy squats. Legs were really feeling it after the previous move so I only did 5 singles as slow as I could. Afterwards I used a step stool and did a deep shrimp squat letting knee go below the step, then brought the leg forward to perform a pistol squat to standing. 3 reps x 5 sets

Today I went from a deep cossack squat to horse stance to opposite side cossack. I went back and forth slowly to each side pausing in deep horse stance for 3 each side. I didn’t go to standing but instead tried to stay as low as I could from cossack to horse to cossack. 5 rounds.

Heavy single hand kettlebell swings done 10 each side with 30 sec break for 10 rounds.

Finished up with plow, pancake, and butterfly stretches.

Will I be able to walk tomorrow?

Song of the day -> Hook by Blues Traveler

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