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Spinal Stuff

The weekends are usually reserved for play and exploration for me and today was no different. I went in wanting to do some sort of back bending so I focused my session around that.

I started off thinking I might want to just practice Macaco but after warming up and doing some Macaco kinda stuff I gravitated more towards exploration of going in and out of the bridge. Ended up stringing this group of moves together and spending a considerable amount of time doing it on both sides.

Here are the individual moves I put together

  • Jump into Bent Arm Stand
  • Leg Thread to Backward Shoulder Roll
  • Knee Swing to Squat to Half Bridge Rotation
  • Rotation into Plow from Bridge position
  • Floor kip

Today’s Theme -> Spine Stuff

Prep – warm-up stuff for the back, hips and shoulders

Practice/play – Macaco, bridge entry/exit, and movement combo

Notes above.


  • Finished up with Bear, Monkey, Frogger, Crab variations for 10 mins straight. More like cool down than pushing myself.

Song of the day -> Pride and Joy by Stevie Ray Vaughan

Fun side note about this song. My wife sings in a blues band and the two of us love this song. Anyways, her band played at our wedding reception and my wife surprised me by having her band learn this song. When they started playing she jumped on stage and sang it with them, was all planned. Only thing is she got emotional, started crying and couldn’t continue so I got up there, started singing in her place and we finished it together. Never forget that.


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