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Rolling Shrimp Squat

Today I played around with what I call the Rolling Shrimp Squat. This is great for improving balance and mobility in the bottom portion of the shrimp squat.

Feel free to use step back lunge or any variation paired with the backward roll for a fun way to train this move.

Session details after the vid.

Today’s Theme -> Rolling Shrimp Squat

Prep – warm-up stuff for single leg squats

Practice – Sissy Squat

Still working on trying to do this full range of motion without assistance. Going super slow and taking my time with it.


  • Slow duck walks
  • Rolling Shrimp squats
  • Cossack squats
  • KB swings

Had to be at office early today so I did some mobility and breathing exercises before starting work.

Song of the day -> Hash Pipe by Weezer


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