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Just Around The Bend

When I was young and in boy scouts, I remember a particularly long hike that felt like it went on forever. Mind you, I loved hiking during that time, and still do. However, this hike was a doozy covering a lot of ground and elevation with a heavy pack.

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2020. So Far, So Good.

On a personal level, 2020 has been pretty good so far.

First off, I’ve added an additional day of BJJ to the week with the focus on my sitting guard. In particular I’ve been working my butterfly guard transitions along with another guard, my favorite, that my instructor is known for around these parts.

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The Importance Of Play

Science tells us that harnessing a spirit of play helps us bounce back from life’s stressors and put disappointments into manageable perspective. – Florence Williams, Your 2020 Burnout Recovery Plan, Outside Magazine

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Makin’ Movement Music

Today I thought I’d be fun to discuss a video I recently posted on IG. In this short audio clip I talk about the inspiration for this free flow along with how to create your own “movement music”.

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The Flu-Funk

About two weeks ago I was in Amsterdam for a GMB Fitness European staff meet-up. We do this from time to time where the staff members in a particular part of the world all meet up to do some face-to-face work and play. I love that we do these meet-ups and always look forward to seeing everyone and catching up. Owning an online company has it’s perks but I always prefer hanging out with people in person.

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Get Comfortable At Being Uncomforatble

Throwing a heavy pack on and trekking around in a torrential downpour at night might seem like a very unpleasant way to train for an upcoming hike. However, sometimes the worst conditions can provide the best learning experiences if you’re willing to let go and open up to the opportunity.

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