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Flashback Photo – Gymnastics

Found an old photo of myself on pommel horse doing scissors. Man, I used to absolutely love the horse. In fact, that was probably my favorite event and one that I placed well on too. Makes me want to find somewhere to do some circles and flares again, just to see if I can still do em. 🙂






Today’s session -> Jump Rope

  • 45 seconds of skipping
  • 20 seconds off

Plan was to do 20 rounds. Felt good so I did 10 more. That also felt good so I did 10 more for a total of 40 rounds. 

Finished up with stretching.

Song of the day -> Typical Situation by Dave Matthews Band


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Rolling Shrimp Squat

Today I played around with what I call the Rolling Shrimp Squat. This is great for improving balance and mobility in the bottom portion of the shrimp squat.

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Single Arm Push

After my planche practice today I felt like playing around with various single arm pushing movements. Even shot another vid for ya’ll.

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Goin’ Commando

Recently was asked about the Commando Pull-Up and no, they aren’t what you think. 😉 The military probably calls these by a different name but this is what I know em as. Today I shot a quick vid for you showing different hand positions and variations that I like playing with.

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Bent Arm Bear

Want a move that you can do at home that’ll build very strong shoulders for any kind of pressing, get you strange looks when you do it, PLUS curse my name while doing it? Well, I’ve got ya covered with the Front Loaded Bent Arm Bear Walk in today’s post.

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Active Recovery Day

I ended up sleeping for 9 and 1/2 hours last night and wow. It was glorious. 🙂

Today is Saturday and after a VERY intense week of work and a new workout protocol I scheduled in an active recovery/chill sorta day.

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Legs and Core

Today is a beautiful day here in Japan which makes me want to get outside and play in the park. But I’ll play safe for now and instead do my legs and core session at the gym while listening to some music.

Here’s a rough overview of what I did today.

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Even though I don’t have a 9 to 5 job per say I do try to make sure I keep a schedule and routine.  That means getting up early(ish) to get in my Spanish study before I head to the gym to start work at 9am. Then it’s crazy busy with GMB stuff until I do my training session. Speaking of which, here’s today’s session.

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