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Super chill day with little bit of play. Those days are especially important. 🙂


Song of the day -> Life On A Rock by Kenny Chesny



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It’s Complex

I have tons of respect for Dan John and even though I’ve never met him in person, I’ve learned so much from implementing concepts from his books. There are two main things from him that I include in my sessions from time to time.

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Brianne Artio

It’s obvious that Bree, full name Brianne Artio, is in most of my vids and pics. And while that might seem placed, kinda is, it’s mainly because recently she wants to be closer to me. It used to not be that way but as she’s gotten older I find her coming over to me more and more while I’m doing things.

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Today is Thursday and that means that Andy and I always record a GMB podcast together. Today’s theme was walking and after discussing why walking is so good for you we dove into the topic of heavy carries. 

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Don’t Use Your Hands

Today’s session was leg intensive and one thing I wanted to explore during the play portion was the idea of not letting my hands touch the ground while moving around.

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The Fishbowl

I love my gym because of the sunlight that streams in from the huge window in front. Sometimes tho I really feel like a fish in an aquarium swimming around while the outside world walks on by. 🙂

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Spinal Stuff

The weekends are usually reserved for play and exploration for me and today was no different. I went in wanting to do some sort of back bending so I focused my session around that.

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