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Ryan C. Hurst gymnastics rings at a seminar in USA

The Fitness Supplement

Ever stopped to think about the actual purpose of fitnessing?

“That’s easy Ryan. To get in shape, lose fat, move better, look good, feel better, live longer, . . . ” Ask 10 people and you’ll get 10 different answers because we’re all different.

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Ryan C. Hurst doing a move

Working Towards Flow

The concept of “flow” is simply a smooth transition from one thing to another.

You might think that flow has to be unrehearsed and random, like a “free flow movement” you see on Instagram. But it never is. Why? ‘Cause those movements gotta be smooth! First you need to practice and refine each move individually before stringing them together.

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Follow The Breath

Ever had one of those moments when a person you least expect says something that just blows your mind?

Granted it’s not always what you want to hear and can be a bit insulting, too. Those moments can be like a good slap in the face to wake you up to a pivotal point in your life. But when looked at as a learning experience they can certainly lead to huge changes in your life.

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May 2018 Training Overview

I’m always reluctant to publicly post my training schedules in detail. The reason is that most people will see it and make assumptions based off only what they read. Since my livelihood is focused on “fitnessing” there are also other things I do that I don’t include as part of my training schedule per say. Things like shooting videos, taking photos for articles, teaching, and also testing out programs. Those are all physical things that can be workouts in themselves that I take into consideration every day. That is why I auto-regulate my training based on the other things going on in my job and life.

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Thinking Outside The Box

Imagine your favorite song and hum along with me here for a bit. Think about the melody and how catchy it is. Groovin? Yeah, me too, I knew we’d love the same song.

How do you think the artist came up with that melody? They probably noodled around with a couple of chords and then built the entire song around one riff.

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How Far You Willing To Go For Your Dreams?

We all have dreams and ideas of the kind of life we want.

Ask any kid what they want to be when they grow up and they can usually tell you exactly what it is. Typically that changes into something new as they get older, but I’m sure we can all think back to that thing we really wanted to do, or even something right now that is calling us.

Did you pursue your dream? Are you pursuing it now?

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