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Making Pancakes

Today was a sweaty one! Kids and I did a full circuit then spent time working on splits and pancake. Had a lot of fun in the process. 🙂Break down my session after the vid.

Today’s Theme -> Super Circuit

Prep – all sorts of playing around cause kids were with me

Play – Lots of chasing each other around, kicking, and even couple of tears (not mine) before the circuit.

Push – In between strength moves we did shadow sparring. Over the years I’ve taught the kids self defence patterns like cover, elbow strike, knee strike and during the shadow spar portion we went through those at our own speed on each side. Had a lot of fun ramping it up and getting crazy. 🙂

During the circuit I started with the hardest move I could do at high quality for 45 secs and went down a procession when needed. Kids did Bear instead of inverted presses.

45 secs each with 10 sec in between each move for set-up. 5 rounds back to back.

  • HSPU (freestanding, wall, jump to bent arm stand, inverted press)
  • Shadow spar
  • Chin-ups (variations) – Kids reverse row
  • Shadow spar
  • Planche push-ups (variations) – Kids Push-up
  • Shadow spar
  • Hanging toe to bar (floor core) – Kids floor core anything they wanted to
  • Shadow spar

Afterwards spend a good deal of time working on front splits and pancake. Really worked up a  sweat today.

Song of the day -> Cannonball by the Breeders


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