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It’s Complex

I have tons of respect for Dan John and even though I’ve never met him in person, I’ve learned so much from implementing concepts from his books. There are two main things from him that I include in my sessions from time to time.

One is doing loaded carries like Farmer Walks, Suitcase Walks, and sandbag hug walks and the other thing is adding in complexes. Over the years I keep coming back to one complex in particular that he recommends and I do it with the sandbag. All the details after the vid.

Today’s Theme -> Sandbag Complex

Prep – warm-up stuff

Practice – Sissy Squat, Planche, OAC

Today I did one sissy squat, one plance hold, then a one arm chin negative on both arms, then took long break. Did this for singles for 8 times.

Push – Dan John Inspired Sandbag Complex

  • 8 Dead Lifts
  • 8 Bent Over Rows
  • 8 Cleans
  • 8 Front Squats
  • 8 Presses
  • 8 Back Squats

3 rounds with 3 minute rest in between.

Finished up with 6 minutes continuous of various carries with sandbag and KB.

Song of the day -> I Will Survive by Cake



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