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Grand Sets

Today was another tough but very enjoyable session with the focus being on the upper body.

If you’ve been following this blog you’ll see that I’ve been splitting upper and lower body into different sessions. This allows me to get in the skill training volume I am after without my sessions turning into multi-hour events. I just can’t do that anymore and really, it’s silly in my opinion to do that unless it’s your job or you have nothing better to do. Which if the latter is the case you really need to find another hobby.

Today was Upper Body and I focused on what I call Grand Sets. Basically just drop sets back to back with no rest for that skill group. For example, one skill group would be the one arm chin-up. I’ll do a rep of the OAC, then drop down a level, do as many quality reps as I can, drop down a level and continue until I’m spent. Then I’ll give myself a good rest and move on to another skill group. I’ll do two rounds of this and on the second round I sometimes can’t even do the highest level of the move that I did in first round. That’s fine though, I’ll start where I can and work the regressions.

Here’s the deets.

Prep and practice

Just enough prep to get me going today and then I did a couple of bent arm presses to handstand, lower to double arm lever for practice. More like a warm-up.

Push – 2 rounds with 2 minute rest between each block of movements

HSPU block

  • Freestanding handstand push-up on pbars
  • Freestanding handstand push-up on floor
  • Wall handstand push-ups
  • Floor inverted presses

Front Lever Block

  • Full front lever
  • Straddle
  • Tuck
  • Lever Pulling prep

Planche Push-Up

  • Planche Push-up on canes
  • Psuedo planche push-up on low pbars
  • Pseudo planche push-up on floor
  • Hollow Body Push-up

OAC Chin-up Block

  • L-sit Archer Chin Up
  • OAC negative
  • Commando chin-ups
  • Single ring rows
  • Reverse Rows

Song of the day -> Mexicola by Queens Of The Stone Age


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