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Goin’ Commando

Recently was asked about the Commando Pull-Up and no, they aren’t what you think. 😉 The military probably calls these by a different name but this is what I know em as. Today I shot a quick vid for you showing different hand positions and variations that I like playing with. I also like to relax the hand furthest away from me so that it acts as more of a single arm pulling exercise. Play around with em and see how it goes. (Workout details after vid)

Today’s Theme -> Pulling My Weight Around Here

Prep – warm-up stuff for pulling

Practice – Front and Back Levers

Started with single reps of front lever holds and once I couldn’t do anymore did some back levers.


  • One Arm Chins – Just a couple of these today
  • 75kg single rep chin-ups X 5 with 1 min rest between.
  • Commando alternating chins with focus on outside arm pull until burned out
    • I ended up doing probably 8 sets of these because I wanted to take vid
  • Ring rows to burn out x 2 sets with 30 sec rest between sets.

Oh, I also jumped rope early this morning for 20 minutes before work just because.

Song of the day -> Hell by The Squirrel Nut Zippers


  1. Matt

    Thanks for sharing. I think you’ve inspired me to start training with a “split” again.

    My sessions have been taking a bit too long for my liking, after doing full body stuff for quite a while.

    • Ryan Hurst

      Hey Matt! Yeah, I really just felt like a change and why I’m doing splits again. Similar to you, my full body sessions were taking pretty long and I was super exhausted after them. Trying this out and seeing how it goes. Lemme know how it goes with you.

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