Finding Your Why

Sometimes we get lost on the way to the playground, even though it’s only around the block.

That’s how I’ve felt for a good part of this year. The good thing is, I’ve been consulting my inner map and making course corrections to put me back on track. Rather than write about it, I thought I’d do a bit of vocal rambling on the topic of finding your why and getting back on track when you feel lost.

Please let me know if you’d like me to continue with the podcast format since it’s much easier for me. And leave a comment with topics you’d like me to cover.

Thanks for listening.

3 responses for Finding Your Why

  1. Sarah Prud'homme says:

    ありがとう😊 I very much enjoyed the podcast. The topic was on point and hit home with me. I would like to know more how you manage to juggle all your “work” and playtime with family life. Things are likely a little different in Japan, their culture and mindset being different than how things are in North America but I would still like to hear your take on the matter.

    • Ryan Hurst says:

      Thank you, Sarah! こちらこそ!
      Actually not that different from elsewhere in the world but managing all the crazy stuff in life is definitely something I could discuss. 🙂

  2. Jose says:

    Hi Ryan!

    For me is better to use the old written method. I have difficulties to understand spoken English. Maybe a transcription could solve my problem.

    In any case thanks for sharing your experience


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