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Don’t Use Your Hands

Today’s session was leg intensive and one thing I wanted to explore during the play portion was the idea of not letting my hands touch the ground while moving around.

Here’s the combo I used today and I challenge you to also play around and see what you can come up with. Remember, don’t use your hands.

All the deets of my session after the vid.

Today’s Theme -> Don’t Use Your Hands

Prep – warm-up stuff for leg stuffs

Practice – Sissy Squat single rep and then a Planche lean immediately after.

Sissy squats are getting much better and I’m able to go all the way down and back up without assistance.

Play – Play today was the combo that you see in the vid above. Went through it couple times on both sides just trying to keep it smooth and controlled.

Push – Today I used a sandbag and went through the following complex Dan John style doing each move back to back without letting the sandbag touch the ground.

  • 8 deadlifts
  • 8 bent over rows
  • 8 cleans
  • 8 front squats
  • 8 push presses
  • 8 back squats

2 minute rest between rounds and did 3 rounds. However, on the last round of back squats I did 20 reps taking pause at top to take a couple breaths before the next rep.

Song of the day -> Lover Man by Jimi Hendrix


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