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Do The Work

Some days, most days, it’s simply about showing up and just doing the work. Even when you don’t feel like it.

Three days ago I decided to quit caffeine. It’s as horrible as they said it would be. BUT I knew that if I at least started my session I’d probably feel better so that’s what I did. Ended up having pretty damn good day.

I used the TRS 14 Day Overhead challenge as part of my warm-up today. Here’s more info on that.

Single reps of bent arm press lower to double arm lever with 2 min rest between. Did 16 total.

Front lever hold pull to back lever. Only did 5 of these today.

Plank lean push-ups on low pbars – 5 SUPER SLOW reps x 5 sets

Archer L-chins on rings – singles both r/l for 8 rounds with 2 min rest between rounds.

Finished up with super slow reverse row sit backs under form went to crap.

Song of the day -> Glow by Big Head Todd & The Monsters


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