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Surprise Guest

Today I had a surprise guest show up at my gym for a workout today; my wife! Honestly, she hardly ever comes to the gym and when she does, it sure ain’t for a workout. So it really made my day when I saw her.

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Start The Week Strong

Great start to the week with another strength session. My energy recently has been really good and I have a feeling quitting coffee (temporarily) last week helped.

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Super chill day with little bit of play. Those days are especially important. 🙂


Song of the day -> Life On A Rock by Kenny Chesny



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Brianne Artio

It’s obvious that Bree, full name Brianne Artio, is in most of my vids and pics. And while that might seem placed, kinda is, it’s mainly because recently she wants to be closer to me. It used to not be that way but as she’s gotten older I find her coming over to me more and more while I’m doing things.

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