The Importance Of Play

Science tells us that harnessing a spirit of play helps us bounce back from life’s stressors and put disappointments into manageable perspective. – Florence Williams, Your 2020 Burnout Recovery Plan, Outside Magazine

Your 2020 Burnout Recovery Plan

Not a fan of the title of this article but loved the content.

Makin’ Movement Music

Finding Your Why

Sometimes we get lost on the way to the playground, even though it’s only around the block.

That’s how I’ve felt for a good part of this year. The good thing is, I’ve been consulting my inner map and making course corrections to put me back on track. Rather than write about it, I thought I’d do a bit of vocal rambling on the topic of finding your why and getting back on track when you feel lost.

Please let me know if you’d like me to continue with the podcast format since it’s much easier for me. And leave a comment with topics you’d like me to cover.

Thanks for listening.

The Flu-Funk

About two weeks ago I was in Amsterdam for a GMB Fitness European staff meet-up. We do this from time to time where the staff members in a particular part of the world all meet up to do some face-to-face work and play. I love that we do these meet-ups and always look forward to seeing everyone and catching up. Owning an online company has it’s perks but I always prefer hanging out with people in person.


Get Comfortable At Being Uncomforatble

Throwing a heavy pack on and trekking around in a torrential downpour at night might seem like a very unpleasant way to train for an upcoming hike. However, sometimes the worst conditions can provide the best learning experiences if you’re willing to let go and open up to the opportunity.


The One Big Thing

Do one thing every day that makes you uncomfortable. 

That last sentence sums up this entire article and you could even stop reading this post right now. You’d miss out on some other good stuff but if you’re pressed for time, then just be sure to get uncomfortable every day. It’s good for you.


Focus On The Exit

How much time do you spend refining how you exit a hold? Being able to exit a hold or movement with control allows you the option to flow seamlessly into something else. Practice it enough and you’ll find that it’ll also open up pathways to other exit options that you wouldn’t have considered.


2019 Jan-March: Training Update

What the hell have you been up to, Ryan?

Glad you asked! I’ve been having a lot of fun lately. Allow me to share.

In a nutshell, there are only a few activities that I really want to spend my time on; hiking and climbing, BJJ, and for a lack of a better name, floor play. You know, that stuff you see me do in all those videos.