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Bent Arm Bear

Want a move that you can do at home that’ll build very strong shoulders for any kind of pressing, get you strange looks when you do it, PLUS curse my name while doing it? Well, I’ve got ya covered with the Front Loaded Bent Arm Bear Walk in today’s post.

Today’s Theme -> Handstand Push-Up

Prep – warm-up stuff for Handstand Push-up

Practice –  Started out on the Handstand canes doing singles of Handstand push-ups and worked my want down using Pbarz and finished on the floor.

Play – Played around with Front Loaded Bear Walks which are great for pretty much everything. Here’s quick example for you.

Push – After I finished playing around the bent arm bear walks I did the following.

  • Cuban presses with 25 lb dumbbells
  • Halos with 35 lb KB
  • Skin the cat stretch

Song of the Day -> Acro Arena by Cake

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