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Be Prepared – Car Survival Kit

Last month while in New Jersey my buddy Chris McMahon and I got caught in a snowstorm that pretty much shut down the city of Montclair. Took us about 2 hours to go a couple of miles and I ended up getting out and directing traffic. No joke. What’s up with the drivers there?

While we were waiting in the car, Chris and I got to talking about being prepared. The convo lead to my background in survival and he asked me about winter survival kits for the car and how I prepped my car when I lived in Kansas. Flash-forward to today when I was checking out the KÜHL blog (KÜHL clothes are the coolest) and came across a pretty good article about winter prep for driving. Click the link to learn how to prep your car for winter survival. You might not feel you need it until you need it so please read it, prep your car, and also share this info with your loved ones!

Reading that KÜHL blog post reminded me of growing up in Kansas and making sure that I had my winter survival kit in my car for when the snow started coming down. Ain’t fun getting caught in the middle of nowhere mid-Winter when it snows in Kansas. You gotta be prepared just like the Boy Scout motto says. Being a boy scout taught me the basics of being prepared as I worked my way towards the rank of Eagle Scout. But it is my dad that I’m eternally grateful to in terms of teaching me the practicalities of being prepared. Thanks to his guidance I still enjoy working on my survival skills and being prepared. 

Are you prepared?


  1. Jay

    My fiancé makes fun of me for being prepared for something as simple as hiking through a State Park. No pack is complete without at least one knife, lots of water (it gets hot under a canopy of trees!), extra socks, and various other items. But guess what? It all gets used… 🙂

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