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Balancing the Scale

Balance practice is an often overlooked aspect of a person’s session. We know it’s important but come on, do we really need to practice it?

Yes, we do.

Balance is a skill and like all skills, your balance will decline if not practiced from time to time. I cycle my skill training and in my current programming I have the Front to Back Scale as a balance skill to practice. The goal with this movement is to focus on stillness throughout whatever position I’m in when going from back to front, front to back. As I get better I’ll sophisticate the skill by taking my leg higher, extend the leg, etc. However, the goal is still the same, seeking stillness throughout my body and my mind.

Today’s Theme – Lower Body Hinge

Front to Back Scales

KB Swings – 200 swings

Loaded carries for 20 minutes using sandbag on shoulder and 20kg KB in opposite hand. Switch sides every minute.

Song of the day -> Lead Edge by Lotus

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