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All About the Abs

Actually, it ain’t all about the abs but I did do my fair share of core work today.

Started things off with some solo stand-up sparring for about 20 minutes straight and then a little bit of sparring play with my son. Just working on protecting the head and legs for strikes and kicks.

We then did some core work which for me consisted today of a single move; candlestick rocks while holding a 35lb weight straight out above me. In between the many sets we would do more solo sparring.

Next up with did sprint in place intervals 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds.

Lastly, we both did breath work where we did box breathing (4x4x4x4) for 10 cycles with a full inhale hold for time on the last cycle. We repeated this for 3 rounds. Pretty impressed that Shion got a solid 1 minute breath hold today.

Song of the day -> Rolling 7s by Dirty Honey

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