Ryan's Beer & Beard

Hi! Thanks for being here.

I’m Ryan and here’s me in a bulleted list.

  • I’m based in Osaka, Japan
  • but originally from the Midwest, U.S.A.
  • someone married me
  • . . . and let me have kids with them
  • bulleted lists are not my strength

I’ve been in Osaka for over 20 years. I work in the fitness industry, but I’m more like an anti-fitness fitness dude, or something. It’s complicated.

It’s a career I am truly grateful for since it gives me the opportunity to meet cool people all over the world.

This blog is my bare square of concrete to share and talk about the things I love – playing, exploring, and just living life as best I can. Prepare to get swamped with a fair bit of stuff about martial arts and fitness training. I’m also gonna yammer on about my family, my Staffy, living in Japan, and every rock album ever recorded in the 90’s.

Thanks for following along and remember, if you’re not smiling, you’re probably holding your breath. 🙂

– Ryan

BTW, if you’re looking for more about my hidden past, you can check out my bio over here.

And if you have a question, request for a post, or just wanna say hi,  hit me up here.