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90 Degree Push-Up

I was finally able to get out to the park and do my session there today. Felt really good even though I was wearing a mask.

Yesterday I did my mobility then an interval training session with Shion of sprints in place 20 seconds on 10 sec off for 8 rounds. Finished up with stretching.

Today’s focus was on 90 degree push up and levers.


Warm-up for the upper body session


Focused on doing as many single reps of the bent arm press to HS lower to double arm lever. Rested for about 90 seconds between attempts. Then I used the bars in the bar to do back lever to front lever holds, working down progressions of the front lever as my form crapped out.


Today for push I used the parallel bars in the park and did tuck plance push-ups and then assisted single arm chin ups. Finished with a final set of reverse rows with feet on the ground.

Song of the day -> Top Jimmy by Van Halen


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