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8 Minutes Of Free-Flow

Warning! May contain scenes of hairy belly buttons.

Elements and Vitamin play an integral part in the foundation of my training.

So much in fact that sometimes I simply use it as a way to warm up, play and as a sort of meditation. What feels good, what your body needs, and what’s going on around you or in your life plays a big part in the way you move.

In winter you’ll start slow and stretchy ’cause you want muscles to be warm and ready for “work.” If you find that you’re preoccupied with life stuff or office BS, you’ll want to pull yourself outta that headspace with challenging moves that won’t allow for distractions.
So this is me, for 8 minutes, feeling what my body and my mind needs and just flowing with it . . . ’cause sometimes you just gotta flow everything down. 😉

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